Why Choose American Firehouse Furniture?

What happens when you bring together three generations of firefighters wanting to create safe, reliable, durable, and functional furniture at an affordable price? You get American Firehouse Furniture – home of the original Fire Tough Recliner. We know that you have a lot of options when it comes to choosing furniture for your fire station, so we want to share why you should choose us!

Created by Firefighters for Firefighters

Our company was created to provide fire departments with furniture built specifically for the
fire station. With over 75 years of combined firefighting experience, we know how important it
is to prioritize health and safety in all aspects of the job, not just when you are out on calls. All
of our furniture is made in America and is exclusively crafted to be used in the fire service

Built Fire Tough

American Firehouse Furniture is built to withstand the wear and tear of life in a fire station. We
have worked with the top manufacturers across the country to develop and identify products
that meet rigid safety and durability standards. With fire stations running 24/7, the furniture
needed is much different than within other businesses and homes. Residential-grade furniture
won’t cut it – you need furniture that can withstand the rigorous environment of long shifts.
Whether its heavy gauged steel or hard woods, everything from our tables to our recliners are
built fire tough.

Safe Inside and Out

Our family of firefighters knows the health issues associated with years of firefighting service
and with everyday diseases. That’s why we make it a priority to create safe furniture, inside and
out. We believe that firefighters are exposed to enough toxins at emergencies and should not
be exposed to these and carcinogens in the firehouse. We remove as many of the products that
have potential health concerns when possible from our fire station furniture, like flame
retardants commonly found in foams. These often contain carcinogens that can increase a
firefighter’s risk of medical issues like cancer. We also designed our recliners to be easily cleaned and disinfected per CDC Environmental Cleaning and Disinfection recommendations and NFPA 1581 Chapter 8, Appendix C. The bonded leather that we use to cover our Fire Tough recliners has been tested and will withstand the use of a 3% bleach solution in compliance with the NFPA and the CDC.

With American Firehouse Furniture, you can rest easy knowing you went the extra mile to provide your firefighters with comfortable and durable furniture, safety beyond the norm, and support to fellow firefighters wanting to be the difference in your fire station furniture.