Fire Tough Reclining Furniture – Cleaning Instructions

For basic cleaning, we recommend wiping down the chairs and cleaning the crevasses with a damp cloth on a schedule determined by your department (weekly is recommended) We have not found commercial leather treatments and/or protectants are needed, useful or effective on leather backed upholstery. Unless the furniture becomes significantly soiled (i.e. spilled an entire soda on the furniture) we do not recommend using soap on a regular basis. If soap is used, it should be a light, non-abrasive soap. If the furniture requires disinfecting (exposure to blood, bodily fluids, or as just a good practice) the material can be disinfected using a 1:100 bleach solution (¼ cup of bleach to a gallon of water). After five minutes (even if it appears dry) the bleach solution must be thoroughly removed with a damp cloth. Also, we recommend that you try to keep the furniture out of regular direct sunlight.