American Firehouse Furniture

About Us

This company was created by my husband, father-in-law and son who have more than 75 years combined as professional firefighters. Our company was created to provide fire departments with safe, reliable, durable and functional furniture at an affordable price. We have worked with the top manufacturers across the country to develop and identify products that meet these rigid standards.

With three generations of professional firefighters our family has endured some pretty significant health problems that can be attributed to exposures. We believe that firefighters are exposed enough at emergencies and they should not be exposed to carcinogens and other toxins in the firehouse. We have strived to eliminate as many of the products used in furniture that are believed to have potential health concerns. The toxic fire retardants that have been used in furniture foam since the 1970s have been eliminated. We have also eliminated the exposed use of OSB, fiberboards and other manufactured wood products that have the potential of off-gassing and exposing firefighters. All of our furniture can be disinfected per the requirements of NFPA standards.

The term “firefighter proof” has become synonymous with indestructible. While we cannot guarantee that our furniture will be “firefighter proof” we can guarantee that we have worked hard to achieve that goal by developing and identifying products that are designed and manufactured to meet the challenges of the firehouse environment.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and consider purchasing our products.

Dana Bradley, Owner
American Firehouse Furniture